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How about a canapé of smoked salmon and anchovy?

How about a canapé of smoked salmon and anchovy?

Canapé salmón con Anchoa


Smoked salmon
Anchovies in olive oil
Philadelphia-type cream cheese
Small capers
Small gherkins
Fresh spring onion
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh scallion
Good bread


Begin by preparing the cream and place it on the bread; in order to do so chop up the capers, the gherkins, the spring onion, and the scallion. When you have chopped everything up finely mix it with the cheese, season it, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, mix well, and put aside.
At the same time we have to obtain a good loaf and cut it into more or less small slices; toast lightly. Add a large portion of the cream cheese that we have prepared in advance and on top one or two slices of salmon and a fine anchovy. Complete with a little fresh chopped scallion and drizzle with olive oil.